Knowledge of the New Jersey Summary Dispossess Act and the New Jersey Anti-Eviction Act are paramount to tenancy disputes. Sobel Han is one of the leading landlord-tenant law firms in New Jersey and represents clients ranging from owners of single-family homes to 50+ unit apartment buildings, as well as property management companies and commercial landlords.

The firm has extensive experience in all aspects of the summary dispossess proceedings:

  • Preparation and filing of summonses and complaints for eviction based upon all grounds provided for by statute;
  • Preparation and service of Notices to Cease and Notices to Quit with demand for possession; and
  • Preparation of Warrants of Removal.

The firm is also well versed in other landlord-tenant related matters such as:

  • Preparation and negotiation of residential and commercial leases, policies, and rules & regulations;
  • Rent control issues and representation before rent control boards;
  • Section 8 rental subsidy programs (voucher & project-based), and
  • Representation of landlords and management companies in municipal courts throughout the State as they relate to property maintenance issues.

Please do not hesitate to contact an attorney to discuss your particular needs.

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