The attorneys at Sobel Han have experience advising and representing individuals and businesses in a variety of matters regarding contract disputes, negligence, deceptive trade practices, equitable remedies, commercial debt and promissory notes, as well as conversion or theft litigation. Whether disputes arise from the purchase or sale of businesses, or in the normal course of business operations, we have successfully handled cases involving allegations of improper conduct in business transactions including fraud, negligent misrepresentation, interference with contractual or economic relations, and bad faith and unfair dealing.

Sobel Han serves as counsel to several corporate entities and banking institutions. The firm advises its clients on internal matters and is also involved in all aspects of insurance related claims, including representing corporations in coverage related disputes and the insurance procurement process.

At Sobel Han, we believe that most disputes have the potential for amicable resolution if the issues and objectives are clearly identified at the outset. To that end, early on in any engagement we develop strategies to position the case for early settlement in order to align our client's objectives and to make use of alternative dispute resolution procedures wherever appropriate.